Korean Sword

Gumdo or ‘way of the sword’, is the Korean style of Swordsmanship. The techniques and movements of Gumdo are dynamic and graceful with a balance of speed, power and accuracy together with a strong oneness of body and mind.

At Gold Coast Hapkido we teach Hankuk Gumsul, the traditional battlfield style of Gumdo as tought by Grand Master JoonBom Kim. This Balanced and realistic style is powerful in its simplicity and directness.

Classes at Gumdo Gold Coast

These Classes are run weekly on Wednesday’s at 7:00pm.

Come and train at our world class Gold Coast Martial Arts Gym situated close to major roads at 30 Commercial Drive Ashmore. With over 100 square metres of matted training area Gold Coast Hapkido boasts one the largest fully equipped traditional martial arts gyms in Queensland.

Gumdo focuses on the practical use of the sword and is a full syllabus separate from our Hapkido syllabus and teaches the use of the sword in a graceful yet focused manner similar to meditation but with dynamically controlled movements.

Swordsmen use a wooden sword called a mokgeom (or mokdo) to execute attacks and counter attacks contained in the syllabus. Techniques are both solo and partnered. No armour is worn and the participants stop just short of striking each other. In addition to formal techniques, numerous drills, both solo and partnered, are practiced. Advanced practitioners eventually use a real (live blade) sword, called a daedo, for practice of cutting.

One of the major underlying themes in Gumdo is to be constantly prepared for the next action, this teaches a subtle level of awareness to its practitioners allowing them to judge surrounding and people quickly and confidently. Gumdo has many benefits to health and wellbeing, it teaches an almost uncanny level of control and disciple through strengthening the mind and body.